Artistic Debris Studio's​

Costume maker and Artist
Here you can find previous projects of art and fursuits.
  1. Oji the lion (FOR SALE)
    Oji the lion (FOR SALE)
    Contact me by email if you are interested in buying
  2. Paws for Oji
  3. Oji the lion
    Oji the lion
    Currently he is for sale for $350, this includes head and handpaws. send me an email for more details
  4. Timby the wolf
    Timby the wolf
    A mascot commission for a local school
  5. Akuma - not yet complete
    Akuma - not yet complete
    My newest head which is a personal project. Soon to be full suit! After this project I will accept full suits as commissions.
  6. Zeal
    Head base commission for a client, character is Zeal the red panda cat! Headbases aren't shown however feel free to contact me about them.
  7. Traditional badges
    Traditional badges
    Full body for a friends character. Badge clip not shown in these photos
  8. Double character full body for a friend. Left character is not mine however the one on the right is.
  9. Headshot of a personal character Josei.
  10. Digital Art
    Digital Art
    Full body badge of my character Akuma
  11. Headshot of my character Redstar
  12. Water colour styled headshot for a client