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Costume maker and Artist

Send me an email about commissioning me or any questions!
Include what you are intersted in and I will send back a form for you to fill out to recieve a quote
What to include in your message
For a fursuit quote
Please send me a message explaining what you would like. It doesnt have to be super detailed. I will respond back with some questions and then you must answer them and include a reference of your character to get a quote.

Example - Hello there, I would love to get a quote for a partial fursuit

I will then reply with some questions and further instructions so i can give you a price quote.

For art
All you have to do is mention what you would like, I will reply to get a reference of your character and then give my paypal for payment. I wont start anything until I recieve payments.

Example - Hello I would like a digital full body drawing of my character.

I will then reply to you with further instructions

Message (Follow instructions on the left)
Commission Type (Either Art or Fursuit| If a question simply say question)